Shane “The Monster” Harlow

Shane Harlow

Age: 27 (born September 95)

Team member since July 2015

Career highlights as of August 2023:
14x USABMX R.O.C. main event winner (all with Vendetta)
46 time USABMX 20″ national main event winner (all with vendetta)
130 time USABMX 24″ national main event winner 
4 time USABMX 24″ Grand National main event winner (all with vendetta)
5 USABMX 20″ Grand National main events (every grands attended since 2017)
18 USABMX open class main event national wins


Currently living with his wife DeAnna and son Ryan in Southern California, working as an electrician in San Deigo. They have their own place in Hemet which is nearby to both Yuciapa and Gran Prix BMX. He considers both tracks to be his home track. Shane has been racing bmx since the age of 4. Racing bmx was in his blood as his dad grew up racing bmx and motocross professionally. Also his grandfather was the founder of dg components. Shane loves to share his knowledge and passion for the sport with other racers.